I got my start in journalism while working as senior writer at EarthLinkwhere I  wrote cover stories, celebrity interviews, product reviews, and anything else I was assigned for bLink, EarthLink's member magazine. During its heyday, bLink had a circulation of millions and was one of the most informative publications about the internet and online activities.

For 18 months--April 2015 through October 2016--I was hired as a "project documentarian" to write a 500-page book about the "Lean" design and construction of Henderson Hospital, located in Henderson, NV. I was essentially an embedded journalist who attended meetings, interviewed key players, and told the story of bringing a $175 million hospital to life from conception to completion.


Click on the above image to read the first few chapters about the Henderson Hospital project.      

I was also a regular and frequent contributor to, an online magazine that focuses on cutting-edge digital marketing, as well as a regular contributor to Elements Behavioral Health, where I wrote addiction- and recovery-related articles. 

Lately I've been assigned a lot of tactical and firearm-related articles, with contributions to several publications, including World of Firepower, Combat Tactics, and Daniel Defense's own magazine.  

World of Firepower Feature Articles

On Point is a first-person review of Daniel Defense’s new DD5V2 sniper rifle. It appeared in Firepower’s first issue for 2017.


Combat Tactics Feature Articles

Apocalypse Pow! gives practical, how-to advice on surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Barrett's Big Stick discusses the use of Barrett .50 caliber rifles in modern-day law enforcement.

And then there was None  highlights SureFire's new Total Signature Reduction philosophy when it comes to designing and manufacturing hgh-end suppressors for tactical professionals.

New Guts, New Glory  reviews SureFire's new ultra-high-output M3LT CombatLight.

Santa Monica PD: Vision for the Future
 is a profile piece on SMPD, a very progressive police department in terms of training and equipment.

Aiming to Be the Best  is an in-depth profile on high-end Southern California scope maker U.S. Optics.

T3  highlights SureFire's new systems approach to tactical lighting for law enforcement professionals.

HellFighter! is an accompanying piece about the SureFire HellFighter WeaponLight, a 3,000-lumen beast used by U.S. troops in Iraq

Elements Behavioral Health Feature Articles

Focusing on the Now in Addiction Recovery addresses the importance of living in the present moment during the recovery process. 

Life Lesson's from an Alcoholic's Funeral is a first-person piece about the death of my childhood best friend.

Five ways to Manage Your Holiday Expectations discusses strategies to get through the holidays without resorting to using alcohol or drugs. 

Is Taking Smart Drugs a Dumb Decision? delves into the use of so-called "smart drugs" like Adderall and Ritalin by students to gain a competitive edge. 

More Sensible Sentencing for Drug Offenders is a closer look at the effectiveness of prison sentences versus rehab for addicts convicted of crimes.

The Cartoonish Messaging of "Drink Responsibly"
discusses the hypocrisy of advertising promoting responsible drinking from alcoholic beverage manufacturers. 

bLink Feature Articles 

Researching, Reaching, and Reaching Out is a cover story about online genealogy, one of the most popular activities on the internet. 

Broadband - It's Fast. It's Cool. But is it for You?  was written right when high-speed internet was evolving; it examines broadband's pros and cons.

I Don't Shop Online Because
 is a piece about overcoming one's online shopping objections. It was written before shopping online became quite so ubiquitous.

 Celebrity Interviews

iMedia Connection Feature Articles

So You Wanna Have a Web Series addresses the ins, outs, pros, and cons of a brand sponsoring an original web series, with advice from three prominent web series producers/programmers.

Eight Ways to SEO Your Personal Brand discusses strategieswith input from search engine optimization expertsto ensure that your personal online brand identity is strong and portrays the aspects of you that you want prospective employers and/or clients to see. 

Reach Consumers Who Friend Before They Spend 
examines the trend of "New Info Shoppers" and what online marketers can do to better reach and win over this savvy and fast-growing online demographic.

Six Forces that Will Reshape Behavioral Targeting 
picks the minds of eight BT experts/industry leaders on future trends in behavioral targeting.

Four Community Leaders in the Online Space 
highlights four cutting-edge firms that specialize in creating online communities to promote word-of-mouth and consumer-feedback marketing.

Four Startups You Can't Ignore examines four new companies worth watching in the competitive field of digital analytics, all of which specialize in social networking sites.

Put Your Best Face Forward examines the use of animated avatars in brand promotion, while The History of Avatars gives a quick rundown of avatars and their appearance in literature, pop culture, and advertising.

Press Releases

Writing a press release is not journalism per se, but it is an art that requires just the right mix of information, marketing, and supporting quotes to convey the message and create some buzz. It's a skill at which I'm quite adept, and one for which clients frequently retain my services...even those who have their own PR Departments and specialists!  

Click here to read a Daniel Defense press release about SHOT Show 2017 crafted by yours truly.

Click here to read a PROOF Research press release about a competition victory of one of their sponsored shooters written by me. 

Click here to read a press release I wrote for CORE Shooting Solutions about their services.


I've written and edited both employee and consumer newsletters, for Experian Consumer Direct and for 



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